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Unitrends Recovery-Series Pledge
Recovery-Series Appliances That Remain Forever Young

Unitrends Recovery Series Pledge


This product is no longer available, please contact us for a replacement solution.


Our Pledge: Free Hardware Forever

There's nothing like that "new car smell" when you buy new hardware. Unfortunately, it doesn't last. Due to the rapid pace of technological development coupled with the ever-increasing financial pressure from senior executives, IT is all too often asked to nurse equipment that is well past its useful life. This puts an incredible strain on an already over-burdened IT staff as increasing amounts of time are spent handling hardware issues and coaxing additional performance from obsolete hardware platforms.

Enter Unitrends. Our innovative Pledge program means that simply by purchasing a 3 or 5 year support contract along with your Recovery-Series appliance, you are eligible to receive a replacement appliance at the end of year 3.

The details:

  • At any time after year 3, you may request a free replacement equivalent appliance from Unitrends, provided your support contract is still active.
  • You return the old appliance to Unitrends at no cost-we cover return shipping.
  • Continually renew your support agreement in 3-year intervals and be eligible to receive free replacement hardware forever.

Counteract aging hardware and keep pace with new technology. With rapidly increasing technology performance and increasing demands for instant access and "always on" business continuity, IT professionals can find their hardware has a shelf life. Unitrends Pledge gives your organization the opportunity to keep pace with new technology, offering easy access to functional enhancements and hardware improvements new to the Recovery-Series appliance since your original purchase.

Hardware that's forever young. With Pledge, answer business continuity demands and maintain access to a support team that consistently achieves a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Continually renew your support agreement in 3-year intervals and be eligible to receive free replacement hardware forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pledge:

  1. Who is eligible for a Pledge renewal?
    Any Recovery Series physical appliance customer with an active support agreement who purchases a Pledge contract.

  2. When is the earliest I can request a new appliance?
    In the 49th month after the initial appliance purchase.*

  3. What payment terms are available?
    You have choices to select terms best suited to your budgetary cycle. The three options are to pay annually, or to pay for either a 3 or a 5 year period.

  4. Do I need to purchase Pledge at the same time that I purchase my appliance?
    No, you have up to 3 months after purchase of the appliance to purchase your Pledge coverage.

  5. What do I need to do to receive a new appliance?
    To be eligible to receive the appliance**, you need to ensure that four Pledge payments are completed. The new appliance can then be requested any time after the 49th month.

  6. What are the characteristics of the new appliance provided to customers in the Pledge program?
    As technology evolves, capacity and performance of appliances generally increase, across the product line.** Your new appliance that will benefit from these enhancements and will also include new features and capabilities. The specific model that you receive will be of an equivalent class (storage) as your original purchase.

  7. Do I need to do anything to get my new appliance?
    Yes, you do need to request the appliance. Information on how to do this is provided as part of the program when you enroll.

  8. What do I do with my old appliance?
    At the time of renewal, you'll receive instructions on how to return the older appliance to Unitrends at no cost to you.

  9. Can I continue with Pledge even after I get my new replacement?
    Yes, as long as you renew both the Pledge agreement and support contract for your appliance.

*Provided your support contract is still active. Replacement appliances cannot be requested after a support contract is expired.

**Applies to purchase after May 15, 2014.

***Past trends are not a guarantee of future trends. Backup capacity is the size of the logical backup and the amount of retention that a customer wants to achieve (via Recovery Point Objectives [RPO]). Backup capacity is different than raw or maximum storage and takes into account the actual logical backup usage over time.


Download the Unitrends Recovery-Series Pledge Datasheet (PDF).

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